Plant Nursery Sector

Plant Nursery Sector Plant-Nursing is the historical activity of our company, which began in the 80s, when the very young Luigi Cavaliere, a pioneer in the sector, took his first steps and in a few years created one of the first nurseries in Italy, acquiring customers throughout the national and European territory. Today Luigi can count on the support of his children, who have gradually entered the company organization, providing new energy, competence and love for the land. The Tenute Del Cavaliere are today a plant nursery which, with over 40 years of experience, places all its know how at the disposal of its customers in the creation, with organic and/or conventional methods, of any variety of young plants, from horticultural ones to olive trees. Our company has always implemented experimental fields for the discovery of new varieties, to be able to offer our customers the innovative excellences that are presented on the market. The production process therefore begins with the selection of the varietals, then moves on to the seeding room where, thanks to the help of professional machines and skilled labour, we proceed to sowing in polystyrene cells, which are then deposited in the germination room. When the first shoots appear, the polystyrene container is parked under the greenhouse and cultivated until the expected delivery, perfectly respecting the breeding cycle.