Agricultural sector

Together with the nursery sector, the agricultural sector is one of the most important with its 150 hectares of land, located in the Sele-Tanagro nature reserve. Tenute Del Cavaliere produces 1000 tons of organic lemons, 1000 tons of organic oranges, 300 tons of organic satsuma mandarins and 500 tons of organic olives from which an extra virgin olive oil is produced under the brand name "I CASALI ROSSI". Its tomatoes Bio samples are stored in the company’s laboratory (canning sector) and labelled with the "DIMÈ" brand. Agricultural production takes place only and exclusively in the open field, respecting the natural balance of the soil, the flora and the fauna that surround the land. The rotation of the land is applied as taught by the ancient populations as early as the end of the 8th century. The Tenute Del Cavaliere have always cared about nature and the environment. Our crops are the demonstration of our love and respect for the land and how important is for us the health of the earth and consequently that of each individual citizen.