Canning sector

Throughout its company laboratory, The Tenute Del Cavaliere produces, among its specialties, organic tomato preserved in glass. An artisanal process - but with the necessary scientific checks -, is aimed at preserving absolute quality and offering the consumer a unique and rare product. Luigi has always been a real enthusiast of this product before being an innovative technician specialized in the production of tomatoes. His many years of experience has allowed The Tenute Del Cavaliere, over the years, to be able to select tomato varieties that are unique for their characteristics and with a very high content of lycopene, the antioxidant par excellence of this fruit. The tomatoes grown on the land, a few meters from our factory, are sown in our nursery and brought to maturity in compliance with a rigorous organic cultivation method. The harvest takes place by hand with the scalar method, leaving the tomatoes not yet ripe on the plant. The production of preserves starts with the washing and control of both physical and chemical products by measuring the PH of the tomato and its Brix degree. Once the processing cycle is finished, our product is labelled with our brand "DIMÈ" acronym of Mediterranean diet.